Sliding Collection

Our Sliding collection is represented by structures meant to be put together by sliding motions. The tables in this collection have a minimalist feel, thanks to the little number of composition parts included. A true definition of high class clean design, we find the blend of glass and wood to be especially mesmerising in the final aesthetic results. 


The trick behind the names is simple − each furniture piece comes from the logic of its structure. It consists of the number of different element types multiplied by the number of elements of each type. 


Many are amazed that three or six stick structure can be perfectly stable without the use of any fixtures and gluing. Such interlocking structures look visually impossible in our three-dimensional world which brings some mysticism in the way we perceive them. This was our inspiration behind creating the collection – to make the unthinkable a reality. 


Spatial vision is mostly required for the assembly. Such mechanical puzzles are locked only in some directions and most of them depend on orientation and gravity in order for their parts to stay together. 


The products in this collection allow customization in size and material which gives you flexibility in their usage as well. By choosing the right mix of woods you can accentuate the structure by showing each type of element in different wood. 


Some of the tables are very quick to assemble once you know the principle, making them easily movable. They are suitable for homes and offices in various spaces – living rooms, dining rooms or conference halls. 





Impossible Collection

The puzzle tables from this collection consist of large number of elements which make them somewhat challenging to assemble and the perfect mind jogglers for brainiacs and puzzle enthusiasts alike. 


Such interlocking structures look impossible in our three-dimensional world which brings mysticism in the way we perceive them. They make us believe that the unthinkable can be a reality. 


The name of each table consists of the number of different element types multiplied by the number of elements of each type which equals the total number of the elements used. We especially appreciate the expressiveness of this collection, due to the large number of pieces used in each table. The final result may look decorative but don’t be fooled. Each element is equally important in the stability and the structure of these masterpieces. 


Our new twist on this collection is the unique mix of woods. We have the capacity to produce each type of element from a different kind of wood, further accentuating the beauty of these structures. Choose between maple, walnut, cherry, wenge or oak and create your own unique combinations. 

6 × 3 Coffee Table

height 52 cm × diameter 75 cm

4 × 6 Coffee Table

height 43 cm × diameter 42 cm

5 × 4 Coffee Table

height 38 cm × width 97 cm

Coordinate Collection

This collection displays the practical usage of the coordinating puzzle principle. The trick is to move all parts of the puzzles simultaneously in a coordinate motion to assemble them. This makes all items stable, without the need to use any fixtures or glue. 


The combination of the small number of elements and typical way they are crossed is what results in this clean and modern feel of the collection. Our fresh take on the furniture is the usage of a mix of natural wood veneers to highlight the simplicity in its designs. 


The coordinate collection is characterized by its endless possibilities and functionality. Highly customizable, easy to set up and easily disassembled, this collection is perfect for anyone on the go or for events and other commercial purposes. We are confident that our pieces would look fantastic in any setting, a kitchen, a dining room or an office.