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The building block

ATOMOΣ Praktrik-Kamenitsa-elementl-01-no-holes.jpg

Atomos is just one element. 

With Atomos you can build modular furniture. 

Atomos is not a table, nor a shelf or a bar. But it cany be any of those. And many others. 

ATOMOΣ Praktrik-Kamenitsa-cell-01-no-holes.jpg

One cell consists of 5 elements.

All parts stay together without the need of glue and nails.

It is part of Coordinate collection. Coordinate because in order the cell be assembled its parts must be moved together as a coordinate-motion (slide-together) structure. Once assembled the structure will stay stable even if one tries to move one or two of its elements. 

The level of puzzle difficulty in this depends not on dexterity but mostly on spatial vision.


ATOMOΣ tvc-praktrik-m04.jpg


Atomos offers an extreme number of possible combinations. The shape of the element looks decorative but it is actually very constructional, making the above-mentioned combinatorics possible.

Both sides of all elements are identical, giving the opportunity of choosing which to be the more visible one.




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