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1 × 3 Dining Table Compact il_fullxfull.1296240225_cs08.jpg

1 × 3 is our simplest dining table solution and represents puzzle symmetry in its perfection – not only symmetry of the assembled structure, but also a total uniformity of its elements. That’s why we’ve achieved a very clean style.

1 × 3 Dining Table Compact is our compact version of the bigger 1 × 3 Dining Table. With it's 90cm table top it takes less space and it can fit in every home. It is ideal for 4 people. 

The table base can also accomodate a bigger table top - up to 110cm in diameter. If you wish to request such, please contact us trough the contact form. 

All wooden elements are the same. The assembly is quick, but requires teamwork due to the weight of the composition, so play around with friends and family. Once assembled, the piece is extremely stable.

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