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1 × 6 CoffeeTable PRAKTRIK-1x6_custom_03.jpg


1 table - 2 set-ups

The six identical wooden elements interlock in an intriguing knot which gives this specific modern feel of the table. The structure represents puzzle symmetry in its perfection − not only symmetry of the assembled structure, but also a total uniformity of its elements. This table is the perfect accent piece for any living room, for individuals not afraid to express their own style. The interlocking principle of 1 × 6 involves only sliding movements, making the assembly process very fast. It can be assembled in two different set-ups with different heights. The joinery concept behind 1 × 6 was discovered independently by the Dutch artist Rinus Roelofs several decades before us under the name 6 piece slide structure. This is a proof that such structures can be both practical objects and pieces of art!


1 × 6 CoffeeTable 1x6-coffee-table-beech-top-01.jpg




1 × 6 CoffeeTable 1x6-package-1.jpg




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