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6 × 3 Coffee Table PRAKTRIK-6x3-coffee-table-top-02.jpg


Complexity without redundancy

6 × 3 consists of 18 elements, divided in 6 different types, 3 pieces of each. Although its complex structure, this table embodies the perfect composition where every element is important structurally, functionally, and aesthetically. Its expressive vision makes it perfect for a special emphasis in living rooms and for table sets in cafes.

The interlocking principle of 6 × 3 involves not only spatial vision, but also requires dexterity for it to be assembled. The special color marks inside the notches make the assembly process much faster and easier, even without instructions! Our fresh take on this table is to use different kinds of high quality wood for each element type. 

The mixed wood version includes maple, walnut, cherry, beech, wenge, and ash. For large and custom size orders please contact us. For shipping quotes add the product to cart and chose a shipping option on checkout. The item is delivered flat-packed with assembly instructions included. We deliver worldwide.




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