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1 × 3 Dining Table praktrik-173-02-optimized.jpg


Award winning concept

1 × 3 is our simplest dining table solution and represents puzzle symmetry in its perfection – not only symmetry of the assembled structure, but also a total uniformity of its elements. That’s why we’ve achieved a very clean style that makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, both domestic and commercial – from a dining room to a conference hall, the choice is yours. Two or more wooden bases can also be combined with a bigger rectangular or elliptical table top, for a larger conference table. All wooden elements are the same, thus no mixed wood version is offered. The assembly is quick, but requires teamwork due to the weight of the composition, so play around with friends and family. Once assembled, the piece is extremely stable.


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1 × 3 Dining Table 1x3-dinig-table-walnut-detail.jpg



1 × 3 Dining Table PRAKTRIK-1x3-dining-table-marble-top-01.jpg


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