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1 × 3 Coffee Table is a modern table with minimalist style made of high quality wood and a round glass top. It is part of our Sliding Collection. It is put together using only a simple puzzle joint. The table base consists of 3 identical elements and this is the meaning of its name "1 × 3" - 1 type of element multiplied by 3.


The Puzzle

"1 × 3" puzzle joint is very simple burr puzzle. All the elements are the same and the assembled structure is with rotational symmetry.

That’s why it is very useful for practical use as a table, because it is quick to assemble and very stable in the same time.The weight of the tabletop locks the elements down.

Even though its simplicity 1 × 3 can be a tricky puzzle. The assembly principle is not so obvious and many fail to solve it without instructions. The interlocking principle of 1 × 3 involves only sliding movements, giving a very fast assembly process. As no screws or fixtures are used, no tools are needed.


1 × 3 Coffee Table 1x3-coffee-table-walnut-top-01a.jpg


Award winning design

The puzzle principle behind 1 × 3 was originally invented by our designer Petar Zaharinov. He did not want to use existing burr puzzle designs which are usually very complex and created with the purpose to be real brain teasers.

The combination of symmetry and simplicity result in a clean style. The high end vision is complemented of the beautiful natural wood we use.

The design was Platinum A'Design Award winner of 2011.


1 × 3 Coffee Table unnamed.jpg



The structure can be produced in different sizes – from a miniature model to a large conference table. Based on its concept we produce two products – a coffee and a dining table. They are suitable for a variety of spaces, both domestic and commercial – from a dining room to a conference hall. If you need a bigger table two wooden bases can be combined with a bigger rectangular or elliptical table top.



We use only high quality hard wood in order to achieve durability during usage and assembly. Our standard products are made of beech, maple, oak, or walnut.


1 × 3 Coffee Table 1x3_7_org.jpg



We can offer also a custom solution on demand. The customization options can be the wood type, the size, and the table top. The table top is usually glass but due to the very stable construction other materials can be used such as marble or wood. Two or more wooden bases can be combined with a large rectangular or elliptical table top.



The table is delivered flat pack. You assemble it yourself, with or without instructions. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly thus making it suitable for frequent changes of place or for events.


1 × 3 Coffee Table 1x3-coffee-table-package-01.jpg



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