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Practical and a little eccentric

En Pointe Table PraktrikEnPointeElements.jpg
En Pointe table is built with a 1 × 2 + 1 puzzle assembly. It consists of 3 elements - 2 identical and one different. The specific trimming of the legs creates a silhouette, reminiscent of the Pointe technique in the ballet. The contrasting maple and walnut wood and the asymmetry add some eccentricity.

En Pointe is a compact dining table that is quickly assembled and disassembled. Beautiful design is not at the expense of practicality.

The table comes flat pack and you can assemble it using the instructions. Or if you like puzzles, without the instructions. No tools are requied. Once you find the trick the assembly and disassembly is a matter of minutes.

With this table design, we achieved a smaller table top size with the same assembly used on the larger 1 × 2 + 1 Dining Table. This is possible due to the specific trimming of the legs, which also adds an interesting geometry.

This makes it a practical table for any home. And its modernist look makes it an accent of the interior.

It is also suitable for frequent relocation or rearange of the interior space, because it is easily disassembled.

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