Movable playground units for Etara Open-air Ethnographic Museum

We worked together with our friends and graphic designers POSTSTUDIO on this exciting project. We were invited to develop together a movable playground for Etara Open-air Ethnographic Museum that can house different educational activities and craft workshops adapted for children. Our shared vision was to create something that respects the local tradition on one hand, but on the other hand, something modern and attractive to children. Our decision was to take woodworking and typical Bulgarian weaving patterns as references and interpret them in a more contemporary way.


PRAKTRIK's task was to design assemblable and transformable units that can function as both movable tables and storage units for the tools needed for every particular workshop. Most of them: the potter's shop, the goat's hair processing, the theater, the market stall, and the “Who does what and why does so?” were developed in the form of carts that can be easily moved from one place to another; moreover, they are flat pack and can be effectively transported to distant locations such as schools and community centers during the winter season. Of course, no tools and fixtures are required for the assembly.


Another important function of every wooden module is to be an appropriate base for the graphic design which is essential for this project. It is both the main attractor and the informative component of the playground. It is also the main connection with the historical context. POSTSTUDIO even developed special typography inspired by the most beautiful weaving patterns. It was a pleasure working with professionals that could find the delicate balance between conservative and experimental, between emotional and functional!





ETARA PRAKTRIK-POSTSTUDIO-etara-concept-01.jpg



The Team

Author: Vessela Gertcheva – New Bulgarian University
Graphic design: Poststudio
Illustrator: Rositsa Raleva
Structure and furnishing: PRAKTRIK
Woodworking: VIZA Living
With the financial help of foundation “America For Bulgaria”

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